Hi, i'm Lauren!

I'm a Midwest transplant to sunny Los Angeles.  It's a crazy town, but it's home for my dear hubby and me.  

Several years ago, I packed my '99 toyota corolla to the roof with all my worldly possessions and made the three day schlep west with my mom.  Moving to a new place is always a tough transition, whether across town or across the country.  I never expected to fall in love with with this chaotic city and build my life here, but I did!  And i=I still marvel at this wonderful place and think to myself "I get to live here!" 

I've now lived in Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, and Mar Vista, and my heart definitely belongs to the beach cities.  

Westside Bestside is a site about living life on LA's Westside.  We'll talk life, LA faves + tips, travel, food, party planning, and creative inspiration.

I hope you have fun, laugh a little, and feel encouraged by my story of creating a sense of home in an unlikely place.  



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