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Thanksgiving, California Style

It's almost turkey time, hooray!  Does everyone have fun and yummy plans for this year?  Since we are in flux between houses (yes, I will hopefully write home reno posts soon...), we are not hosting this year.  But a potluck with dear friends will do the trick!

I thought I could still share some Thanksgiving inspiration with you, since we hosted at our place last year.  I went with a clean + modern twist on traditional Thanksgiving decor.  It didn't hurt that all my decor was free (thanks, Nature), or something I already had.  And the beautiful, crisp Autumn sky was the perfect backdrop for our outdoor meal!


Our everyday white plates looked so fresh on earthy Kraft paper. I created a center runner of lemons from our backyard, candles, and clean foliage from a tree.  The table still felt autumnal with lighter greens and yellow, instead of traditional darker hues like burgundy, red, or hunter green. 

The first Thanksgiving I lived in LA, we had Friendsgiving on a rooftop patio.  I fell in love with outdoor dining.  I take advantage of it that as much as possible.  Sigh, have I mentioned I love LA?

outdoor dining.jpg

We had the most delicious plate of food, mostly thanks to my friend Callie, who is basically a chef.  She made some sinful gluten free versions of old Thanksgiving staples, and our pal Zak made his famous loaded deviled eggs--yum.  

plate food.jpg

Oy, I think I just gained 5 pounds just reminiscing about that plate of food.  I was pretty proud of my first solo turkey too!


This year, I'm going to make pecan pie, potato casserole (totally healthy. psyche!), and THIS delicious recipe for Sausage + Swiss Chard Stuffing--I made it a couple months ago for the Darling Magazine Friendsgiving spread photo shoot, and so I can tell you it is scrumptious from experience (anyone at that table look familiar?)!

via Michelle Mosqueda Photography

via Michelle Mosqueda Photography

Hopefully next year I can give you a peek inside hosting at our new place! 

There's SO much to be grateful for this year!  I hope you all have a wonderful day with friends, family, food and lots of thankfulness.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Exciting News!

(No, we are not preggo.  Does anyone else feel like that's the first question when you say the word "news" to anyone when you're a late-20s female?  Anyway... )

This is an exciting and busy month on the Bestside.  Besides normal busy life, two big things are happening for us this month:

1. We bought a house!  Yes, it's been in the short sale process for months now, but we are finally officially homeowners!  We're thrilled to get in there and start doing some renovations, and I can't wait to share them with you here on the blog.  Look!  We already literally marked our territory on a big slab of marble for our future kitchen countertop...


2. We are going to London!  My super talented hubby won a commercial contest for a spot he wrote and directed (ummmm yeah I'm pretty proud!).  And...they are sending us to London for part of the prize, whee!  So, expect me to be blowing up Instagram with some England goodness soon!  Also, I just went a little Fall wardrobe crazy and bought a bunch of black and burgundy things to wear in jolly ole London, chap!  

This was my inspiration from Ali @ Houseon8th! 

via Houseon8th

via Houseon8th

Feeling very blessed around these parts.  More to come on both fronts; check back for LOTS of posts and pictures!



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Labor Day Party Inspiration! Day 1: Kale Salad

Hey!  Is everyone looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend coming up?!  Can't believe it's already that time of year--I swear time flies more and more the older I get.  For you guys too?

I'll actually be working this weekend (I know, laboring on Labor Day, waaa waaa--but I'm grateful to have the work!).  Knowing that in advance, I planned ahead and had a little pre-backyard party--which is lucky for you, since I can blog about it!  So, this week, get excited for a full series on...

Labor Day Party Inspiration with House on 8th!

Here's a little preview of what to expect!  Look forward to some simple and budget-conscious ideas for entrees, sides, drinks + decor to inspire your holiday parties. 

hot dogs 1.jpg
coke crate.jpg

First up in our series is a delicious Kale Salad recipe that Ali posted about over on House on 8th.  Check out her whole post HERE for a healthy, easy, + tasty take on kale! 

YUM!  Check back tomorrow here on Westside Bestside or at House on 8th, where we'll talk hot dogs + a few ways you can dress them up!



Westie: Best Thrift Store

I love thrifting!!!!  I've mentioned before on here that I have slight hoarding tendencies (much to my husband's dismay).  I grew up yard saling with my dad and grandfather, and I think it's just in my blood to want to collect unique pieces.  So, when it comes to thrift stores, I know there will be more I'll have to talk about on here.   

And LA has some great ones!  That's one thing I appreciate about having lived in many areas of the country--each spot has very distinct styles of items at their thrift stores/flea markets.  Atlanta was mostly Southern traditional.  And, as you can imagine, there's a lot of good mid-century modern stuff floating around in these parts.   

This thrift store is just around the corner, perfect for me to drop by and check out there wares.  It sort of falls in the crack between thrift and antique store--it has quite a few large scale furniture pieces, and much less small stuff.  The family that owns it is super friendly, and although prices sometimes start a bit high, they usually are willing to do a bit of haggling. So, the Westie for Best Thrift Store goes to...

Pepe's Thrifty Shop

sign copy.jpg

Pepe's is located at 4577 Centinela Ave.  Street Parking.  Closed on Sunday.  See their Yelp info HERE

You can't miss it, because it has a big sign and looks like THIS outside:  


In LA, you just don't have a lot of space.  I mean, I know we have more than Manhattan, but it's still pretty tight.  I guess that's why Pepe's looks like the Room of Requirement inside.  It's a treasure trove, but definitely not the place where I'd want to be stuck during an earthquake!


A few goodies I spotted on this trip to Pepe's were some mid-century dressers--just need  updated hardware and some refinishing (oh, and I actually snagged that Coca Cola crate for something you'll see later on the blog)... 


This cute red industrial stool: 


And these driftwood tables...which I never really was a huge fan of, but I've been seeing them a lot recently on Pinterest (HERE), and really like the idea of white washing them like THIS ONE.  

driftwood tables.jpg

And, finally you've got to give Pepe's props for fitting everything in this small space.  I mean, *slow clap* for this stacking technique:


Mad respect, Pepe's.  So anyway, next time you need to hit up a thrift store--head on over to Pepe's and let them know Westside Bestside sent ya!  

A note: I stumbled upon an AMAZING discovery this week--so expect a similar Westie coming soon...for Best Vintage Shop!!!  Stay tuned...