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Friday Fave: 1SE

i decided that on fridays it could be fun for me to let you know about one of my current very favorite things.  just call me oprah.

oprah meme

anyway, i mentioned the other day on my font making post that i don't usually pay for apps.  i know they're mostly only 99 cents, but those dollars add up quick!  i'm pretty frugal, so i only buy them if they are really really worth it.  

but this app is seriously amazing:  

1SE (1 Second Everyday) 

long story short: the app maker, Caesar Kuriyama, decided that for his 30th year of life, he'd take one second of video footage every day and compile it into a video at the end of the year.  the result was awesome.  then he created the 1SE app to make it easy for everyone to do the same thing (check out his TED talk here).  

it's incredible how one second clips strung together can truly tell a moving story about your year overall (see caesar's video below).  

i'm 2 months in now, and i love going back to watch my video every couple of weeks.  capturing all the richness of this happy life is so important to me.  i've already filmed dinners, pregnancy announcements, travels, anniversaries, new babies, and lots of everyday moments.  watching my video brings a smile to my face every time.  oh, and parker's doing one too, and i love seeing his perspective on our year in comparison.  i plan to share it with you once i have a couple more months of it, so check back for that!

watch the creator's full year video below, and then please download the app.  you won't regret capturing all those memories!  definitely email me a link once you create your own videos, too!

pretty great, right?  i'm peacing out for the weekend, but hope you have a relaxing one--start your 1SE--and i'll see you on monday!

hot off the press: 11/22/63


my latest favorite read is 11/22/63 by stephen king.  

won’t say too much about it because it’s so good and juicy, and i don’t want to ruin anything!  but if you like suspense and history and time travel, you’ll love it.  it’s a chunky one, so it’s a commitment.  but once you start it’s hard to put down!  it's officially in my top 10 favorite books now (and considering that hp 1-7 are also in there, that's saying something).

also, word from the west coast is that JJ Abrams' company, bad robot, is now in talks to make 11/22/63 into a miniseries.  AACK!  you better read it before it's on TV, so you can get all the meaty bits they have to take out for time's sake.  woh woh.  

pop on over and be my friend on GOOD READS.  i'm now deep in the throes of gone girl, and can't wait to let you know how that one turns out.  and, since i'm a working woman, i'm going to hop on the lean in train.

what's your favorite book these days?

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