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London, Better Late than Never

More shots from our time in London.  It was gray, gloomy, and drizzly--just what we had hoped for!  We love adventuring around cities together, and this was the perfect Fall excursion!  And there was even some Harry Potter magic thrown in there, yippee!!!  

(As for the frizzy hair and tennis shoes--don't judge.  Adapter didn't work on the Chi and we walked a LOT) ;)

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Finally, London

London inspiration, Part 1

Borough Market is an open-air food market we explored while in London.  Our guides handed us 20p and let us loose.  As you can see, the market was a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy!  Gorgeous colors...


How could I not get a steamy meat pie?  Steak and gravy, mmm... 


More to come... 

Exciting News!

(No, we are not preggo.  Does anyone else feel like that's the first question when you say the word "news" to anyone when you're a late-20s female?  Anyway... )

This is an exciting and busy month on the Bestside.  Besides normal busy life, two big things are happening for us this month:

1. We bought a house!  Yes, it's been in the short sale process for months now, but we are finally officially homeowners!  We're thrilled to get in there and start doing some renovations, and I can't wait to share them with you here on the blog.  Look!  We already literally marked our territory on a big slab of marble for our future kitchen countertop...


2. We are going to London!  My super talented hubby won a commercial contest for a spot he wrote and directed (ummmm yeah I'm pretty proud!).  And...they are sending us to London for part of the prize, whee!  So, expect me to be blowing up Instagram with some England goodness soon!  Also, I just went a little Fall wardrobe crazy and bought a bunch of black and burgundy things to wear in jolly ole London, chap!  

This was my inspiration from Ali @ Houseon8th! 

via Houseon8th

via Houseon8th

Feeling very blessed around these parts.  More to come on both fronts; check back for LOTS of posts and pictures!



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Donna: a '66 Fireball Camper

Remember my camping post from awhile back, where we made yummy Orange Campfire Biscuits, and I gave you a heads up about a related future post?  Well the day has come where Donna is ready to make her official Westside Bestside debut! 

donna exterior wide.jpg

Donna (ask me about how she got that name--great story) is a sassy 1966 Fireball Trailer, owned by our friends, Maggie + Ryan.  After I met her, I knew she was a star, and I couldn't photograph her quick enough.  And oh, there are many many pictures!

donna window.jpg

Maggie is a Southern California native and has an incredible sense of style.  From the trailer, to her own clothes and her beautiful Westside bungalow, Maggie's mid-century inspired style is like stepping back in time to Palm Springs circa 1960.  It's fab.  I think I sense a house tour?  Also, I hear Maggie's aunt owns Stars Antique Market in Hermosa Beach, so we'll definitely be making a field trip soon!

wide donna.jpg

Aqua party!!! 


There are so many original touches that give Donna her personality.   

mirror sconce.jpg
hydro flame.jpg
star light.jpg

She's dreamy.  And a few new additions to give her a breath of fresh air!  

magnet cu.jpg

Love the layering of current + retro patterns + colors!


When you're decorating a camper, of course you want it to look cute, but it also has to be functional.  Maggie + Ryan did a great job outfitting her for the rugged road.  A cozy sleeping loft, and smart spice rack...


Also, if you know me at all, you'll know I have an obsession with pretty lining of any sort.  So, when I opened up the cupboards and saw this funky paper, I about fainted! 


Thanks again, Maggie + Ryan, for letting me spend time with Donna.  Can't wait to take her out on the open road again soon! 

If you would like to book this camper for any photo or video shoots, please contact Maggie on Instagram @mashtown  

brake light.jpg